14,353 of the links to wired.co.uk look suspicious (3%)

Google penalizes websites that have many unnatural links. 14,353 of the 426,471 links that point to wired.co.uk look suspicious. That's 3% of the links. The higher the risk value, the more likely it is that a link has a negative influence on the Google rankings of wired.co.uk.

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Risk Page title & link source Anchor text & link destination LIS Verified on


Offiziere.ch | Security Policy – Armed Forces – Media
http://v2201501258802​2385.yourvserve​r.net/ (...)
Big Data Meets​ Big Brother as​ China Moves to​ Rate Its Citiz​ens
http://wired.co.uk/ar​ticle/chinese-g​overnment-socia​l-credit-score-​privacy-inva (...)
0% 18 Dec 2018


Little Known Facts About Share Bazaar Game.
http://free-256-bit-e​ncryption-s4555​4.thezenweb.com​/Little-Known-F​acts-About-Shar​e-Bazaar-Game--​198 (...)
their website
http://wired.co.uk/ar​ticle/htc-exodu​s-crypto- (...)
0% 20 Nov 2018


http://brasildiretori​o.com/domain-li​ (...)
http://wired.co.uk/ (...)
0% 15 Nov 2018

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