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Frequently asked questions is a free backlink analysis tool. It enables you to analyze the active backlinks of any website. An active backlink is a backlink that has been confirmed within the last 90 days. These are the links that influence the position of your website on Google and other search engines.

UNIQUE: our own backlink index

We use our own web crawlers to find the freshest backlinks on the Internet. We host terabytes of data for you.

FRESH: continual database updates

New backlinks are added to the database every 5 minutes. All of the backlinks in our database are current.

HELPFUL: Link Influence Score

We rate each website with a Link Influence Score (LIS) to show you the strongest pages (quality and number of backlinks).

FLEXIBLE: data export

You can export up to 200,000 backlinks per domain for batch analysis and custom reports.

POWERFUL: you save time

Sophisticated filters help you to get exactly the backlinks that you need. You don't have to work with unsorted data.

ADVANCED: you get more backlinks

With you get many more links than from other tools. Better insight leads to better business decisions.

Why is better than other backlink analysis tools?

We save the freshest 200,000 backlinks for each domain. All backlinks that are shown by have been confirmed during the last 90 days. The links can be older than that but they have been active during the last 90 days. This has several advantages:

  • All of the links that you find with are active links.
  • You save time because you don't have to deal with outdated data.
  • You get the links that really influence the position of a website.

Saving 200,000 backlinks per website sounds like a limit but it's not. You actually get more backlinks than with other tools. For example, MajesticSEO analyzes a maximum of 25,000 linking domains per report. analyzes up to 200,000 linking domains per report:

The FREE version of offers much more than other free link analysis tools:

Link analysis tool Help Number of analyses Help Analyzed sites/report Help Allowed domains Help CSV download Help unlimited
you get much more
you get 8x more
all domains
there are no limits
unique feature
Majestic SEO 1 max. 25,000 just your own no
OpenSiteExplorer 3 10,000 all no
Ahrefs 3 10 all no

Source: pricing pages of the websites

The PAID version offers much more than other paid link analysis tools:

Link analysis tool Help Number of analyses Help Analyzed sites/report Help Allowed domains Help CSV download Help Link Disinfection tool Help unlimited
you get 6.6x more
all domains
there are no limits
6.6x more
unique feature
Majestic SEO max 150 max. 25,000 all max 10,000 no
OpenSiteExplorer unlimited 10,000 all 10,000 no
Ahrefs max. 500 max. 30,000 all max. 30,000 no

Source: pricing pages of the websites

If you see more backlinks in another link analysis tool, it is very likely that the backlink number that is displayed on their website is not the number of links that you can actually access. Other tools also limit the number of domains that you can analyze. With OpenLinkProfiler, you can analyze as many domains as you want.

In addition, also shows you the industry of the linking website and the category of each individual link. That information enables you to get a much better overview of the links that point to a website.

To analyze as many different websites as you want, you need a free SEOprofiler account (no further obligations). You can create a free account here:

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Why do I save time with

The links that you can find with OLP have been found during the last few weeks and that they are still active. In other words, these are the links that influence the current rankings of your web pages.

Most of the other link analysis tools also list links that do not exist anymore, inflating the numbers. While it is nice to know that a page used to link to your website in the past, it is not really helpful. helps you to get results:

  • Which web pages link to your website now?
  • Which are the links that influence the current rankings of your pages, not the previous rankings?
  • Which links are really important?

The main goal of is to deliver actionable data. If you don't have to deal with links that do not exist anymore, you will save a lot of time and you will get things done more quickly.

Where do you get the backlink data from?

We use our own backlink crawlers to find new backlinks on the Internet. We host many terabytes of data and we employ hundreds of servers to offer you the most accurate, most detailed and most up-to-date link database.

Our web crawlers continually visit web pages and index the links on these web pages. New backlinks are added to our database every 5 minutes. You get access to a unique backlink database with

Why do I sometimes get higher numbers in another backlink analysis tool? concentrates on fresh links and we save a maximum of 200,000 fresh links per page. These fresh links are updated continually. The oldest links that you can find in OpenLinkProfiler are 90 days old, most of the links have been found during the last few days.

  • Other link analysis tools might show older links that have been removed in the meantime.
  • shows you the current backlinks that influence the rankings of your web pages.
  • Even if the displayed number is lower, give you access to more backlinks (see table above).
  • If you create a free account, you will get email notifications when your web crawlers find new links to your site.

Why is a web page that links to my site not listed in the report?

The more backlinks the web page with the link to your web page has, the quicker our web crawlers will find the backlink to your site.

If a backlink that points to your website could not be found by our web crawlers, it is likely that the impact of this backlink on your website's search engine rankings is low. Our web crawlers visit important pages more often. Less important pages are also scanned but the frequency is lower.

If it is a new backlink, it is likely that the link will be detected with the next update. In general, do not focus on analyzing your existing backlinks. Focus on getting new backlinks. Getting new good backlinks to your website will greatly improve your search engine rankings.

Some backlink analysis tools might show higher link numbers for some websites. If you get a higher number with a different tool, it is likely that many of the report links are outdated and broken, and it is likely that the other tool won't allow you to access all of the reported links. With, you get more backlinks and you can access all of the reported backlinks.

We focus on Western domains

We are privately held company and we operate without any venture capital. We have invested a lot of time, money and expertise to build the unique link database that you can access on

Our main target markets are North and South America, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, India and South Africa. Storing the information for millions of Chinese, Russian and some other websites would dramatically increase the costs for running our service while offering little benefit to our target group. For that reason, you cannot analyze the backlinks of Chinese, Russian and some other domains wit We apologize if your website falls in this category.

If you or your competitors don't do business with China, Russia and some other Asian countries then it's very likely that this limitation won't have an effect on your reports. The backlink report might miss one or two links from Chinese or Russian websites but the vast majority of all links will be found. If you operate in a Western country, is the right tool for you.

What do the columns on the link analysis page mean?

The 'Results' page that you get when you enter a website URL contains the following information:

Factor Explanation
LIS: The Link Influence Score (LIS) shows the influence of the links from the website on the search engine rankings of the linked pages. The higher the LIS, the greater is the influence of a link from the website on the search engine rankings of the linked page. The Link Influence Score is calculated based on the quality and the number of links that point to a website. The higher the quality of the inbound links, the higher the Link Influence Score. It ranges from ranges from 0-100%.
Page title: The displayed page title is the title of the web page that links to the analyzed site. Links from related web pages tend to have a bigger influence on the search engine rankings of the linked page than links from unrelated web pages. The title of a web page is usually a good indicator of the topic of a page.
Link source: The link source is the URL of the page that links to the analyzed website.
Industry: The industry shows the topic of the linking website. uses 20 different industries to categorize websites:
  • adult
  • advertising
  • apparel
  • beauty
  • business
  • computers
  • consumer
  • education
  • entertainment
  • family
  • finance
  • food
  • health
  • home
  • law
  • media
  • real_estate
  • sports
  • transportation
  • travel

Here are some sample topics for each industry:

  • adult: adult entertainment, nudism
  • advertising: ads, Google AdWords, market research, marketing, MLM, PPC, promotion, public relations, SEO, surveys
  • apparel: clothing, fashion, fur, hand bags, hats, lingerie, shoes, wool
  • beauty: anti aging, Ayurveda, body art, cosmetics, diet, fragrances, fitness, hair dressing, manicure, massages, meditation, perfume, piercing, plastic surgery, tanning booth, tattoos, weight loss, wellness, yoga
  • business: B2B, career, cattle, change management, chemicals, coaching, commerce, companies, construction, consulting, distribution, economy, employment, energy, engineering, environment, export, forestry, franchising, gas, human resources, import, industrial goods, job search, manufacturing, metal, mining, motors, natural resources, office, oil, outsourcing, power, project management, recruitment, recycling, small business, start-ups, trade, translation, utilities, wholesale, wood, work from home, yellow pages
  • computers: anti-virus, blogs, computers, downloads, hardware, Internet, programming languages, robotics, search engines, social networks, software, virtual reality, web design, web hosting
  • consumer: Apple gadgets, auctions, B2C, batteries, bicycles, boutiques, consumer electronics, consumer goods, deals, gifts, glasses, household products, jewelry, mobile phones, shopping, smartphones, toys, watches, yacht
  • education: astronomy, biology, chemistry, college, education, higher education, k12, language learning, libraries, mathematics, museums, physics, research, schools, sciences, students, universities
  • entertainment: acting, amusement parks, arts, books, cinema, circus, collectibles, costumes, dancing, drinking, ebooks, festivals, gambling, games, hobbies, humor, hunting, movies, music, music instruments, performing arts, photography, radio, recreation, songs, tickets, tv, videos, YouTube
  • family: activism, animals, charity, children, church, community, culture, equal rights, funerals, genealogy, marriage, pets, people, religion, wedding
  • finance: accounting, banks, credit cards, insurances, loans, mortgages, saving, stock market
  • food: agriculture, beverages, dining, eating, fruits, restaurants, tobacco, vegetables, vegetarianism, wine
  • health: aids, alternative health, cancer, dentists, doctors, drugs, gynecology, health, hospitals, medicine, nursing, pain, psychology, smoking, therapy
  • home: air condition, antiques, architecture, cooking, decoration, do it yourself, flowers, furniture, garages, gardening, grills, home improvement, lamps, relocation, rural/urban living, vacuums
  • law: civil rights, courts, defense, government, justice, law, law firms, lawyers, legal services, politics, solicitors
  • media: abbreviations, archive, dictionary, events, journalism, magazines, maps, media, news, newspapers, publishing, weather
  • real_estate: houses, real estate, real estate agents, renting, tenants
  • sports: badminton, basketball, boxing, climbing, cycling, darts, extreme sports, football, handball, hockey, ice hockey, lacrosse, rodeo, rugby, soccer, squash, tennis, track and field, volleyball, wrestling
  • transportation: airlines, boats, cars, GPS, logistics, motor bikes, railway, shipping services, ships, supply chain, tractors, trains
  • travel: accommodations, apartments, cruises, flights, holiday, hotels, travel, tourism, vacation homes
Anchor text: The anchor text is the text that is used to link to the analyzed web page.
Link context: The link context refers to the topic of the individual link (in contrast to the 'Industry' which refers to the topic of the whole website. uses 39 different categories to categorize links:
  • affiliate
  • article
  • award
  • blog
  • classified
  • conference
  • content
  • contest
  • coupon
  • directory
  • ebook
  • event
  • footer
  • forum
  • free
  • guestpost
  • interview
  • job
  • linkexchange
  • news
  • newsletter
  • podcast
  • pr
  • qa
  • radio
  • review
  • shopping
  • slide
  • social
  • software
  • sponsorship
  • submit
  • testimonial
  • tutorial
  • video
  • whitepaper
  • widget
  • wiki
  • yellowpages

The link context "standard" means that the link cannot be assigned to one of these categories.

Added on: The date shows the day on which the link to the website was added. Move the mouse pointer over the green checkmark icon that is displayed next to the "Added on" date to view the day on which our web crawlers confirmed that the link still exists.

In addition to the general results page, you get these pages:

Page Purpose
Link disinfection: Find backlinks that might have a negative influence on the search engine rankings of your website.
Anchor texts: The most popular anchor texts in links used to the analyzed web page.
Pages: The pages of the website that have the most backlinks.
Industries: The industries that link to the analyzed website sorted by frequency.
Categories: The context of the links that point to the analyzed website, sorted by frequency.
Countries: The countries page helps you to get an overview of the geographic distribution of the links that point to the analyzed website.
Link Alerts: Get notified when we found new backlinks to a particular website.
Export 1,000 links: is the only free tool that enables you to download 10,000 backlinks of each analyzed website.

How does the Link Disinfection tool work?

The Link Disinfection tool in SEOprofiler helps you to locate backlinks that could have a negative influence on the Google rankings of your website.

The Link Disinfection tool assigns a risk score to the web pages that link to your website. The risk score ranges from 0-100%. The higher the value, the more likely it is that a link has a negative influence on the linked web page.

  • You should check every single backlink before you disavow a link with Google's disavow links tool.
  • Disavowing good backlinks will have a negative influence on the rankings of your website.
  • The risk score applies to the linking page, not to the complete website.

A high risk score does not necessarily mean that the linking website is spam. The risk-score is based on a variety of factors. It might be that the website is good but the page is problematic. It can also be that the page is good and the individual link is problematic (for example because it's a paid link).

Why is free? is a free service of While OpenLinkProfiler offers you access to a lot of information for free, the full SEOprofiler version offers many more tools and features that will help you to get more visitors to your website.

How can I contact you?

Use the ticket system on SEOprofiler to contact us. Further information about our company (address, history, etc.) is available here.

Do not contact us regarding link removal requests. The links that are listed on the pages are links from other websites. They will vanish from the pages if the original links vanish. In addition, all links on use the rel=nofollow attribute.

What are these buttons on the right and why should I click them?

The colorful buttons on the right side of this page are social sharing buttons. If you click and use them you show your friends that you're awesome! :-)

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